Largest Cities in North America

By | January 20, 2021

Canada and the United States of America (USA) cover the largest area of ​​the North American continent. To the south lie Mexico and the seven smaller countries of Central America. The remaining countries on the continent are island states. The mountain ranges of the Rocky Mountains stretch along the entire west of the continent – from Canada to Mexico.

  • Guadeloupe
  • Greenland
  • Montserrat
  • Martinique
  • Cayman Islands
  • Puerto Rico
  • Bermuda
  • US Virgin Islands
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Aruba
  • Curaçao
Area 24,355,000 km2
Population 443,948,000
Population density 18 per km2
Countries 24
Largest country Canada with 9,958,319 km2
Smallest Country Grenada with 340 km2
Languages English, Spanish, French, Indian and Inuit (Eskimos) languages
Highest mountain Mt. McKinley, USA / Alaska at 6,198 meters
Longest river Death Valley, USA / California, 86 meters below sea level
Highest temperature 57 0 C in Death Valley, USA / California
Lowest temperature -66 0 C in the Northice station in Greenland

Biggest Cities in North America by Population

North America is home to some of the world’s largest cities, many of which are located in the United States. The largest city in North America is Mexico City, the capital of Mexico and one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world. With a population of over 21 million people, Mexico City is a bustling metropolis with a rich cultural heritage and numerous attractions for visitors to explore.

The second largest city in North America is New York City, located in the United States. With a population over 8 million people, this iconic city is home to some of the most iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Central Park. New York is also one of the most important financial centers in the world and its diverse cultural scene attracts millions of tourists each year.

The third largest city in North America is Los Angeles, located in California with a population over 4 million people. Known as “the entertainment capital of the world” Los Angeles has long been associated with Hollywood and television production studios but also offers plenty for tourists to explore including beautiful beaches, diverse neighborhoods and excellent museums.

The fourth largest city in North America is Chicago, located on Lake Michigan with a population over 2 million people. The Windy City has a vibrant culture that includes great restaurants and live music venues as well as impressive architecture along its famous riverfront skyline. Additionally Chicago offers plenty for outdoor enthusiasts with numerous parks throughout the city offering activities such as biking or fishing along Lake Michigan’s shoreline.

Ranking City Country Continent Population
1 Mexico City Mexico North America 21,782,489
2 New York City United States North America 8,323,451
3 Toronto Canada North America 6,196,842
4 Guadalajara Mexico North America 5,179,590
5 Monterrey Mexico North America 4,874,206
6 Montreal Canada North America 4,220,677
7 Los Angeles United States North America 4,016,051
8 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic North America 3,317,895
9 Puebla Mexico North America 3,194,959
10 Guatemala City Guatemala North America 2,934,952
11 Port Au Prince Haiti North America 2,773,664
12 Chicago United States North America 2,694,351
13 Vancouver Canada North America 2,581,190
14 Toluca De Lerdo Mexico North America 2,467,352
15 San Juan Puerto Rico North America 2,448,528
16 Houston United States North America 2,341,001
17 Havana Cuba North America 2,140,534
18 Tijuana Mexico North America 2,140,509
19 Panama City Panama North America 1,860,402
20 Leon De Los Aldamas Mexico North America 1,825,191
21 Phoenix United States North America 1,703,191
22 La Laguna Mexico North America 1,614,965
23 Philadelphia United States North America 1,591,911
24 San Antonio United States North America 1,578,141
25 Calgary Canada North America 1,547,595
26 Ciudad Juarez Mexico North America 1,519,325
27 Edmonton Canada North America 1,461,293
28 San Diego United States North America 1,447,211
29 Tegucigalpa Honduras North America 1,444,196
30 Ottawa Canada North America 1,393,197
31 Dallas United States North America 1,382,381
32 Queretaro Mexico North America 1,339,214
33 San Luis Potosi Mexico North America 1,216,675
34 Merida Mexico North America 1,161,586
35 Mexicali Mexico North America 1,120,983
36 Aguascalientes Mexico North America 1,106,564
37 San Salvador El Salvador North America 1,105,877
38 Cuernavaca Mexico North America 1,075,133
39 Managua Nicaragua North America 1,063,809
40 Chihuahua Mexico North America 1,054,877
41 San Jose United States North America 1,033,781
42 Tampico Mexico North America 1,001,389
43 Austin United States North America 988,329
44 Saltillo Mexico North America 983,895
45 Acapulco De Juarez Mexico North America 979,492
46 Morelia Mexico North America 948,904
47 Cancun Mexico North America 944,033
48 Fort Worth United States North America 932,227
49 Jacksonville United States North America 926,482
50 Columbus United States North America 922,334
51 Veracruz Mexico North America 918,640
52 Charlotte United States North America 905,429
53 San Pedro Sula Honduras North America 902,862
54 Reynosa Mexico North America 899,195
55 Villahermosa Mexico North America 898,572
56 San Francisco United States North America 896,158
57 Indianapolis United States North America 876,040
58 Hermosillo Mexico North America 867,996
59 Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico North America 848,035
60 Culiacan Mexico North America 839,165
61 Quebec City Canada North America 826,220
62 Winnipeg Canada North America 816,704
63 Seattle United States North America 783,248
64 Xalapa Mexico North America 775,731
65 Hamilton Canada North America 766,799
66 Denver United States North America 734,245
67 Washington United States North America 720,798
68 Boston United States North America 710,306
69 Oaxaca De Juarez Mexico North America 704,670
70 El Paso United States North America 685,686
71 Celaya Mexico North America 681,082
72 Nashville United States North America 673,278
73 Detroit United States North America 667,383
74 Santiago Dominican Republic North America 664,686
75 Portland United States North America 664,214
76 Las Vegas United States North America 662,111
77 Oklahoma City United States North America 655,518
78 Memphis United States North America 647,485
79 Pachuca De Soto Mexico North America 633,564
80 Durango Mexico North America 631,093
81 Louisville United States North America 625,001
82 Tlaxcala Mexico North America 596,473
83 Kingston Jamaica North America 591,051
84 Baltimore United States North America 590,590
85 Milwaukee United States North America 585,700
86 Poza Rica De Hidalgo Mexico North America 564,689
87 Matamoros Mexico North America 562,866
88 Kitchener Canada North America 562,577
89 Albuquerque United States North America 561,299
90 Tucson United States North America 553,982
91 Tepic Mexico North America 546,052
92 Port Of Spain Trinidad and Tobago North America 544,318
93 Fresno United States North America 538,306
94 Mesa United States North America 527,777
95 Atlanta United States North America 523,849
96 Sacramento United States North America 521,880
97 Cuautla Morelos Mexico North America 516,866
98 Puerto Vallarta Mexico North America 516,020
99 Londonca Canada North America 508,341
100 Kansas City United States North America 505,309

North America Climate

The climate of North America covers great extremes, it ranges from the polar cold of Alaska and Greenland to the dry heat of the deserts of Mexico to the tropical humidity of Florida and the Caribbean coasts. In the central and southern part, there are also atmospheric phenomena such as hurricanes and tornadoes, which can cause devastating damage.

Map of North America

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The Colorado River has cut the Grand Canyon deep into a rock massif. The canyon is 349 kilometers long, up to 30 kilometers wide and at its deepest point the Colorado flows at the bottom of a 1.6 kilometer deep canyon. There it meanders through rock that is 2 billion years old.

The elk is the largest species of deer in the world. A male animal can weigh up to 450 kilograms. With its wide hooves, the elk can walk well in deep snow.

The Vikings were the first to land here by chance in 985, when they got lost in the fog on their journey from Iceland to Greenland. The Italian navigator Christopher Columbus, who undertook four expeditions here between 1492 and 1504, is regarded as the discoverer of America. Until his death he was convinced that he had discovered part of Asia.