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Countries Beginning with W

Western Sahara Western Sahara is a territory in northwest Africa that borders Algeria, Mauritania, and Morocco. Continent/Region: West Africa Language: Arabic Capital: Laayoune Currency: Sahrawi peseta Wallis and Futuna Continent/Region: Language: Capital: Currency:

Countries Beginning with Y

Yemen Yemen has existed in its present form since 1990, the day when the former South Yemen and North Yemen were united into a single state. Until the unification of the two Yemeni states, two economies existed, one based on market economy principles in the north and the other integrated into the planned economic development… Read More »

Countries Beginning with Z

Zambia Zambia is a landlocked country in southern Africa. The name is derived from the Zambezi River. Since 2004, Zambia’s economy has grown by 5.2 percent every year. Above all, the export of copper is increasing thanks to high investments. In comparison with the neighboring African countries, the human rights situation in Zambia is rated… Read More »

Countries Beginning with L

Laos The shooting star-shaped state of Laos is the only landlocked country in the ASEAN community. More than two thirds of the Laotian population are employed in agriculture and generate almost one third of the gross domestic product in this sector. Tourism is becoming increasingly important. Continent/Region: Southeast Asia Language: Laotian Capital: Vientiane (Viangchan) Currency:… Read More »

Countries Beginning with M

Madagascar With an area of ​​587,295 square kilometers, Madagascar is the second largest island nation in the world after Indonesia. Due to its long geographical isolation, Madagascar is home to unique fauna and flora. Animals like lemurs and tenreks can only be found on this island in the wild. Continent/Region: East Africa Languages: French, Malagasy… Read More »

Countries Beginning with N

Namibia Namibia is a country in southern Africa. During the time as a German colony from 1884 to 1915, German was the only official language in German South West Africa, as Namibia was then called. About 20,000 Namibians speak German as their mother tongue and German is also well represented in the education system and… Read More »

Countries Beginning with O

Oman Oman is a state in the east of the Arabian Peninsula. The traces of the 5000-year-old sea trade tradition are omnipresent. The impressive archaeological evidence is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Oman is also the last home of the Arabian oryx, the Arabian leopard and the tahr. Continent/Region: West Asia Language: Arabic Capital: Muscat… Read More »

Countries Beginning with P

Pakistan Pakistan is a state in South Asia. It borders on Iran in the southwest, Afghanistan in the west, China in the north and India in the east. With 800,000 km² Pakistan is twice the size of Germany and Switzerland combined. With over 176 million residents, it is the second largest Islamic country in the… Read More »

Countries Beginning with Q

Qatar Qatar is an emirate on the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. The country is ruled as an absolute monarchy. The World Bank currently lists the oil emirate of Qatar as the country with by far the highest per capita CO2 emissions worldwide, and the country is also one of… Read More »