African Countries and Regions

By | February 15, 2021

Africa is a continent that mainly consists of the earth’s second largest continent, both in terms of area and population, after Asia. Including the continent’s islands, Africa measures 30,244,050 km², which corresponds to 20.3% of the earth’s land mass or about 6% of the earth’s total area. About 22 million km² of these are located in the tropics, making the African continent the world’s warmest continent. In Africa, more than 900 million people live in 57 countries – one-seventh of the world’s population. Its length in the north-south direction is about 8,000 km and its greatest width is about 7,800 km.

Area: 30,244,050 km
Population: 900,000,000
States: 52
Countries: 57

The following subdivision of Africa into regions is used, for example, by the UN statistical agency UNSD:

Regions in Africa

Countries in Africa

Algeria North Africa
Angola Central Africa
Benin West Africa
Botswana Southern Africa
Burkina Faso West Africa
Burundi East Africa
Cameroon Central Africa
Cape Verde West Africa
Central African Republic Central Africa
Chad Central Africa
Comoros East Africa
D.R. Congo Central Africa
Republic of Congo Central Africa
Djibouti East Africa
Egypt North Africa
Equatorial Guinea Central Africa
Eritrea East Africa
Ethiopia East Africa
Gabon Central Africa
Gambia West Africa
Ghana West Africa
Guinea West Africa
Guinea-Bissau West Africa
Ivory Coast West Africa
Kenya East Africa
Lesotho Southern Africa
Liberia West Africa
Libya North Africa
Mozambique East Africa
Madagascar East Africa
Malawi East Africa
Mali West Africa
Mauritania West Africa
Mauritius East Africa
Morocco North Africa
Namibia Southern Africa
Niger West Africa
Nigeria West Africa
Rwanda East Africa
Sao Tome and Principe Central Africa
Senegal West Africa
Seychelles East Africa
Sierra Leone West Africa
Somalia East Africa
South Africa Southern Africa
South Sudan East Africa
Sudan North Africa
Swaziland Southern Africa
Tanzania East Africa
Togo West Africa
Tunisia North Africa
Uganda East Africa
Zambia East Africa
Zimbabwe East Africa

Where is Africa Located?

Africa Location